Supreme Shortcuts brings all your phone's functions to the start screen

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Upset that there isn't a live tile for "Battery Saver" or that you need to jump through a few windows to get to the "Wi-fi" settings? Worry no more, because Supreme Shortcuts will let you add all those functions to your start screen with their own live tile. With one caveat (you need your phone to be able to run unsigned code) this app gives you 71 new shortucts to use, and they're all useful.

Some of these shortcuts are for new functions (such as airplane mode), while others are simplified versions of tiles that are already available - but if you don't want to have pictures of the artists currently playing on the Music+Video system, then switch in the simple "Zune" tile from Supreme Shortcuts!

 Supreme Shortcuts Supreme Shortcuts

Do note that some functions might not be available on your phone. By all means add the "Internet Sharing" shortcut, and be amazed that you are taken a settings screen.. but it won't actually turn anything on that isn't there.

Still, this is one incredibly useful application, and if you have a code unlocked phone (be it as a registered developer or through the Chevron WP7 program) do check this out.

Source / Credit: XDA Developers Forum