Microsoft acknowledge SMS Bug, fix is on the way

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Following on from WinRumours single report of a flaw in the messaging system of Windows Phone  to Microsoft, and rather a lot of blogging about it yesterday, Microsoft have acknowledged the bug and are likely hard at work to first replicate the flaw, and then sort out a bug-fix as quickly as possible.

The Verge have the official line:

Greg Sullivan, Senior product manager for the Windows Phone division at Microsoft, writes "We are aware of the issue and our engineering teams are examining it now. Once we have more details, we will take appropriate action to help ensure customers are protected."

As they point out the Mango update using the Zune PC software to distribute the update, went incredibly smoothly. Now it's time to see how they cope with a non-trivial bug in the wild. We'll keep you updated on their progress.

Source / Credit: WinRumours