The T-Mobile Lumia 710 is making itself known in America

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With the Nokia Lumia 710 ready to make its US debut, various tech reviewers and journalists are picking up review handsets, and the opinions are coming out. Here's three that caught our eye in the AAWP office.

Let's start with the "classic" unboxing post from Ubergizmo:

Overall, users will very much get the same user experience than they would on the high-end Nokia Lumia 800, but they won’t get the awesome Lumia 800 industrial design, the faster HSPA+ network, or the slightly larger battery capacity. Instead, T-Mobile users will get a noticeably lower price on the handset, which is always a classic trade-off.

Tech Buffallo also have their initial thoughts:

Performance has been solid, the display has gone easy on my eyes, and the Mango user experience remains pleasantly novel. Lumia 710 is a bit of a chubby slab that’s not going to win any “World’s Thinnest!” or “World’s Lightest!” contests, but it’s rounded-off design language and soft-grip backside are winning. The 3.7? ClearBlack TFT LCD display isn’t quite on par with the 800's Gorilla Glass AMOLED screen, but it’s still really nice to look at and swipe across. And while the camera has fewer megapixels and the internal storage is smaller, the 710 is powered by the same processor/RAM combo as its big sibling. That makes for a lovely user experience which may ultimately be more important than specs to many users – not to mention building buzz around Windows Phone.

And rounding up this set of quick links, Engadget:

Really, it's the design (invisible vs. alluring) and camera module (five megapixel vs eight megapixel) that drive a price gulf between these two Mango offshoots. Contrast the 710 with its other budget WP 7.5 peers, factor in that super affordable $50 on contract pricing and, hands down, it's easily the most attractive of the single-core lot.

What do you think of the Nokia 710? Have you written it up (links in the comments, then!) or are you going to be queueing up for it on the 11th?

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