From E72 to Lumia 800, Joe Jack upgrades to Windows Phone

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Joe Jack had a Nokia E72, and with his mobile contract up, he decided to go for a new handset. Boiling the choice down to the iPhone 4S, or the Nokia Lumia 800, he stuck with his favourite company. But what of his experience with the Windows Phone handset? His thoughts on the jump from Symbian make for great reading.

Nokia E72
The Nokia E72

These are some thoughts by someone who upgraded to this phone.  I’m not “trying it out for a few days”, as many of the reviewers did.  I am locked into a 2 year contract with it.  And I have some incentive not to throw it away and get an iPhone instead.  Probably about $600 worth of incentive, or whatever iPhones go for these days.  I’m also not a phone reviewer.  So I haven’t been carrying around 3 other handsets or using a separate SIM.  Nor have I played around extensively with iPhones or Android phones.  This is my phone.  People call me on it and I call them.  Every day.

Jack's concluions on the Lumia 800, and Windows Phone itself, are the icing on the cake of a well written view on his new handset and Operating System. It would be great if he comes back in two or three months time and lets us know how he is getting on then.

Source / Credit: Joe Jack's Tumblr Blog