Trailer of EA Games coming to Windows Phone with Nokia

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Last year it was announced that EA and Nokia would be working together to bring exclusive game titles to Nokia's Windows Phone devices. A video, which was recently uploaded to Windows Phone's YouTube channel, showcases some of the 27 titles that are included in the partnership. Many of these titles will likely have a period of time when they are available exclusively for Nokia's Windows Phone devices.

The titles shown in the video include Yahtzee, The Game of Life, Parking Mania, The Sims Medieval, Spy Mouse, Monopoly Here and Now, Real Racing 2, Vampire Rush, Mirror's Edge, Picnic Wars and Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

The original announcement noted that 10 games are coming direct from the EA Mobile Games collection, 10 from EA Game's indie publisher Chillingo and 7 from EA's licensing partnership with Hasbro.

Here's the complete list of all 27 games, based on the trailer above and a slide shown at Nokia World:

EA titles:

  1. FIFA 12
  2. Madden 12
  3. NBA Jam
  4. Mirror's Edge
  5. Need for Speed
  6. The Sims Medieval
  7. Spy Mouse
  8. Tiger Woods PGA Tour
  9. Bejewelled 2
  10. Flight Control

Hasbro titles:

  1. Monopoly Here and Now
  2. The Game of Life
  3. Connect 4
  4. Risk
  5. Yahtzee
  6. Trivial Pursuit
  7. Bop It

Chillingo titles:

  1. Bomber Defense
  2. Gum Drop
  3. Blobster
  4. Storm in a Teacup
  5. Parking Mania
  6. Vampire Rush
  7. Untitled Flying Game
  8. Real Racing 2
  9. Picnic Wars
  10. Dead Space

The timing for the release of these titles and details of Nokia's exclusivity have not been released. 

Source / Credit: YouTube