El Reg, the Lumia 710, and Orlowski's pocket problem

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Andrew Orlowski has been reviewing the Nokia Lumia 710 over on The Register, and finds that the mid-range phone is much more to his liking than the Lumia 800, partly due to the styling and the feel, although not having to carry a very sharp corner in his pocket appeals to his male modesty.

The 710 has essentially the same internals, including the same excellent display, the same processor, and delivers the same impressive performance. It skimps on storage, with 8GB instead of 16GB, and camera optics over the 'flagship'. However, the 710 allows the battery to be removed easily – a big win for users. It is also is considerably cheaper (£300 v £400 list price), which in real terms, means it will be available on better-value contracts.

The 710 was simply much more comfortable to hold and use than the 800. I am not sure why Nokia opted to make a flat, thin design with very sharp corners as its flagship phone. People with very sensitive reproductive organs on the outside of their body – half the population, by my unscientific estimate – will not want to keep a Lumia 800 in their trouser pocket. I'm not sure anyone else would either.

Nokia Lumia 710

It's not the perfect device, nothing ever is, and Orlowski has a number of comments to make both on the UI and battery life, but there's a lot of promise on show in Nokia's second Windows Phone. Will they pick up on the feedback in this review, from others, and from the users of the Lumia 710 (and Lumia 800)? Time will tell, but the 710 can stand proud and be confident it's doing a good job so far.

Source / Credit: Andrew Orlowski (The Register)