#SmokedByWindowsPhone is enjoying itself on tour

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Here's the proof that you can't keep a good marketing campaign down. Fronted by Ben Rudolph, the #SmokedByWindowsPhone challenge from CES gathered countless blog hits, videos, and great buzz about Windows Phone. Now the team are taking it on tour in the US, with the official Windows Phone blog charting Rudolph's air miles and Windows Phone's tally.

To refresh your memory, Rudolph has a windows Phone, and the challenge for other handset users is to agree a popular task with a smartphone (such as taking a picture and uploading it to Facebook, or sharing a web page with a friend via email) with their own smartphone. If they win, then it's $100 in cold hard cash. If they loose, then a quick post to Twitter with aforementioned hash tag.

If you fail... then Rudolph makes it worth your while because he can't bear to see people running around with a slow phone!

After CES everyone, including the team here at AAWP was wondering if the campaign would continue. It seemed a no-brainer to do something with it, and taking it round the shopping malls of America, specifically the Microsoft Stores in California. Do you feel up for the challenge? Watch @BenThePCGuy on Twitter for the latest destinations!

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Blog