The Lumia handsets are winning hearts and minds in America

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TechCrunch's regular "Fly or Die" video spot profiles technology and gives it a thumb up or down (fly or die, hence the title) and Sunday saw the Nokia Lumia 800 go into the studio with John Biggs and editor Erik Schonfeld. Summary... they really like it!

Having had the Lumia 800 for two weeks, Schonfeld is impressed. Not quite at the "ditching the iPhone" level of impressed, but it sounds like he would struggle to call a knife fight between a Galaxy and a Lumia if he had space for only one in his pocket.

Articles like this might seem throwaway, but they really do set the mood in the media for companies such as Nokia. The last thing people want is to be left with the phone that's "not cool" or from a dead company. Building up a good buzz, a solid reputation, and creating that idea of lust, want, capability and desire is a vital part of the marketing effort. As is airing a commercial for T-Mobile's Lumia 710 during the Grammy Awards broadcast in America.

It's another sign that Nokia have turned the corner in America, as Ewan MacLeod points out in his article today on Mobile Industry Review:

Fast forward a year — a year? I can’t quite believe it — and here is an astonishingly positive post about Nokia from the Western Media Imperial leader itself: TechCrunch. In fact the post is from the site’s Editor-in-Chief, Erick Schonfeld... This is the sort of rehabilitation of Nokia’s image that was a total pipe dream 12 months ago.. Finishing off his post, Erick points out that if he had to choose between a top of the range Android device or the Lumia 800, he’d have to think very, very carefully. That’s a huge, huge #win for Nokia given the positivity that continues to surround Android in the Valley.

All in time for the Lumia 900 to arrive on AT&T You'd think it was planned this way...

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