Lumia 800 Entertainment Bundle now available in America

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If you're looking to pick up a Nokia Lumia 800 in America, along with a bundle of audio accessories (including stereo HD headphones, bluetooth headsets, and an external speaker) then you'll be happy hear the Nokia Entertainment Bundle is now officialy available in Microsoft's retail stores across the country. Priced at $899, there is a premium over picking up an unlocked bare handset from Amazon, but if you're looking to accessorise with the 800, then this is a well priced bundle.

The bundle includes:

The Nokia Entertainment Bundle is aimed at design-focused audio connoisseurs who want to rock, using their Lumia 800 as the hub of an amazing audio system. Whether you’re on the go, using the Purity HD Headset or rocking out at home via your Play 360° speaker, you’re going to be amazed at the audio quality that emanates from your system.

Conversations by Nokia.

Lumia 800 Entertainment Bundle

As an unsubsidised handset, the true cost of the the Lumia plus the addition of the accessories pushes the price up considerably when you put it next to the prices of Windows Phone handsets on the US networks, so I don't see this bundle selling in huge volumes. what it will do is give the Lumia 800 a powerful marketing display in the Microsoft stores, with the matching accessories creating a desireable package. That can only help build consumer awareness.

I'd also expect the Entertainment Bundle to be reviewed in many lifestyle magazines, and sending out a holistic package just increases the impact of both the Lumia 800 on its own and Windows Phone as a whole.

You can find your nearest Microsoft store here.

Source / Credit: Conversations by Nokia