Dylan Tweney has some fixes for Windows Phone

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Having used a Windows Phone "for several weeks" (including a Samsung and a Nokia), journalist Dylan Tweney has found a few features that are preventing him from loving Windows Phone. There's a lot to enjoy, but the expectations and how he uses his phone means that a handful of things will be at the top of his list of things to check as updates and new versions arrive.

The Metro interface is frankly charming, with its flipping tiles and integrated hubs. It’s fast, modern-looking, and integrates apps and data presentation in a way that makes the iPhone and Android look dated. Even the “wait” animation is cute: Instead of a spinning wheel, there are five little dots that zip in from one side, slow down near the middle of the screen, then zip out again. It’s the first time in a long while that I’ve been this smitten with an interface... But there are a few issues that are preventing me from loving Windows Phone. Some of these problems are big enough that they present a serious obstacle to anyone considering a switch.

Tweney goes on to highlight his reasons behind marking down Windows Phone for its implementation of multitasking, text wrapping, Gmail, Google Voice, the functionality in the People Hub, and developers gaming the Marketplace.

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I think most of these issues are in software, and are certainly ones that have been mentioned around the web. Are fixes on the way? You would have to assume so. Will those be enough to sway Tweney back to Windows Phone? I'm not 100% sure, but I think so. When the basic paradigm of a phone works (in this case Metro UI, live tiles, and general speed) and you get smitten users, even when they are pointint out flaws... that's a good sign and a great place to keep building from.

Source / Credit: Dylan Tweney