Bazaar for Windows Desktop brings you a marketplace for Homebrew

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For a long time, Homebrew software users have lacked a central point to distribute their applications, although a number of forums are popular haunts for the installation files to be uploaded to. That's changing though. Following on from their side-loadable Bazaar client for Windows Phone, their Windows Desktop solution brings a marketplace like experience to users of Developer or Chevron unlocked handsets.

Manage your favorite homebrew applications on Bazaar's servers. Managing your favorites applications allows you to install new ROM's or even buy a new Windows Phone and get your beloved application back in two seconds. If your device can't install XAP from Bazaar for Windows Phone, you can mark your favorites applications from your phone and install them altogether later when you get home.

Bazaar for PC

While the number of unlocked handsets is not huge (Chevron only had 10,000 handset unlock tockens, and everyone else needs to be part of the official Developer program), this is a great resource put together by a dedicated community for themselves, Congratulations on getting it all organised and working!

Bazaar for PC

A Windows Phone client is also available if you want to do everything from the handset, or watch for the updates without connecting up to your home computer.

Hat tip to WP Central.

Source / Credit: The Bazaar Website