Internet tells Betanews "we're not bored of Windows Phone"

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Last week, Joe Wilcox asked the Betanews readers if they were bored of Windows Phone. With over 100 comments, he had a lot of people answering the question, and the majority of them were clear. Not only were the majority of his readers not bored, but they loved the new interface.

Maybe my post rallied the fanboys or represents a broad base of Windows Phone users. Whichever, neither or both, you give a rousing endorsement to the tile-like UI.

Yes, the Live Tiles, coupled with the fluidity of Metro UI, was the big talking point. As Wilcox dances around, this is a self-selecting survey of people looking for information about the UI, or wanting to promote the Metro option.

Yup, the tiles look boring. On paper or, well, the Interwebs. But that's because you can't show anything 'live' in a static image. On the actual phone, the tiles change, a lot. In fact, if one isn't careful, they can change too much and the home screen can become quite a mess. If anything, they're the complete opposite of boring.

For me the issue is not a boring/exciting metaphor, but one where Metro is different. Symbian, iOS, Android, is all built around a grid of apps, going into one, coming out to the system screen, and then finding the next app to open. Windows Phone started with a tabula rasa, and has made something different. When that difference doesn't match up to someones expectations, then it's hard to work out what to think - but give it time, Metro is getting there.

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 showing Windows Phone start screen

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