Public Transport Navigation comes to Lumia courtesy of Nokia Transport

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Nokia announced an update to its personal navigation software, namely Nokia Transport and Nokia Drive 2.0, during its Mobile World Congress press event, in Barcelona.

Nokia Drive 2.0

Nokia Transport is a public transport navigation system. It will allow you to plan inner-city routes via multiple transport types, along with an ETA. It will show you which types of transport are in your immediate area and what the departure time of each it. It will even advise you of where the change over points are. Once you have disembarked, Nokia Transport will give you pedestrian directions for the last leg of your trip.

Nokia Drive 2.0 will add full offline support. Specifically, this means that offline search and routing will be possible. A new dashboard design keep you informed of speed limits, which will be colour coded according to your current speed measurement, and will show your estimated time of arrival (ETA).

There is no definite word on availability, but Nokia Conversations stated "in the coming days".

Image courtesy of Nokia Conversations.

Source / Credit: Nokia Conversations