'Tango' to be avalable for existing handsets, at your network's discretion

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While the exact version numbers are still to be announced, frommany sources at MWC it appears that 'the next iteration of Windows Phone formerly called Tango' will be made available to existing handsets once the Nokia Lumia 610 and ZTE Orbit are released. The only twist? It will be down to your carrier if you get the update or not.

For those of us with unlocked handsets, there shouldn't be an issue, but for others it's going to be down to the carrier you bought the phone from. Their own testing programs will have to be involved, and the delivery will be up to them.

This will be the first platform wide update under the new reporting regime, where a breakdown by handset and network will not be publicly available on the Windows Phone blog, so it will be very interesting to see how the communication channels are managed, both by Microsoft, the manufactures, and the mobile phone networks.


We'll do our best at All About Windows Phone to keep you informed.

Source / Credit: Laptop Mag