Nokia's #ijustplantedatree SXSW campaign

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As part of its SXSW activities Nokia is running a social campaign that will see it plant a tree everytime someone uses the #ijustplantedatree hashtag on Twitter. The aim? To help Texas recover from one of the worst fire seasons on record. The campaign is open to all and is active for the next 24 hours.

Ewan sat down with Nokia's Brett Murray to discuss the project, social campaigns that give back, and how this helps Nokia's return to the North American market.

Here's Nokia's description of the project:

In 2011, Texas suffered one of its worst fire seasons on record, with a series of wildfires burning nearly four million acres. Firefighters from dozens of states battled the blazes, President Obama declared hundreds of counties as disaster areas, and the Red Cross came to the assistance of thousands.

As Nokia began its plans for SXSW, we saw an opportunity to contribute to the recovery through the reforestation process. Nokia has held a commitment to green technology for years, and was among the first to make phones out of 100% reusable materials, use fully recyclable packaging, and stop the use of PVC, mercury, and lead. Committing to being green is part of who we are.

So, during our time at the Interactive portion of SXSW, we invited 50 of our favorite Twitter friends to help us out in our mission. They will take part in a 48 hour online Twitter challenge using the hashtag #ijustplantedatree. Each time they tweet with that hashtag, 5 trees will be planted locally by our friends at the Arbor Day Foundation. To make sure we keep up the pace, an online leaderboard has been established, and will start to keep track of who is planting the most trees.

More details are available on the #ijustplantedatree website.