Nokia China holding Windows Phone launch event March 28th

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Nokia plans to hold an event for the launch of its Windows Phone products into the Chinese market on March 28th, with devices expected to go on sale in April. China is considered a crucial market in mobile, both because of it size, but also because of its potential for growth.

The exact Lumia device models and operator deals of the launch will be revealed at the event, but Nokia has previously stated that it intends to launch both CDMA and WCDMA device variants across a range of price points with multiple operators. The inclusion of CDMA models is notable because they will be Nokia's first ever CDMA smartphone devices. notes that a number of Nokia Windows Phone devices recently received regulatory approval:

  • Nokia 719c - a CDMA2000 variant of the Nokia Lumia 710
  • Nokia 710
  • Nokia 800
  • Nokia 800c - a CDMA2000 variant of the Nokia Lumia 800

China Certification

In addition the Nokia Lumia 610 is likely to be a key device for the Chinese market. It allows Nokia to offer a broader portfolio of devices, with a greater price range. Both Microsoft and Nokia have noted that the reduced cost of the recently announced lower specification devices will be particular important in price sensitive markets.

Microsoft is also preparing for the launch of Windows Phone in China. A number of changes are being made to the platform (over and above those required to support the reduced specifications devices). These include the removal of Twitter and Facebook from the People Hub (a regulatory requirement) and the removal of the XBox Live Hub / functionality. In all three cases the services are likely to be replaced by local equivalents (e.g. TenCent and Renren).

In additional both Microsoft and Nokia are seeking to promote local content and applications. Microsoft recently opened the Windows Phone Marketplace to submissions from Chinese developers and both companies are actively seeking and assisting local developers, with an aim of having a good level of locally relevant content in place for the launch.

Via The Verge and Engadget China

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