FlightPredictor tells you all you need to know about Aircraft delays

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Sometimes you need more than the departures and arrivals board at the airport to find out where your plane is. Step forward Greg Stoll's FlightPredictor, which takes publicly available live data and lets you see how your next flight is getting on. With live tile support, all major airlines featured, and maps of thirty airport terminals, this could be a vital tool for the frequent flyer.

 Flight Predictor Flight Predictor 

From the description:

Learn about flight delays long before you get to the airport! FlightPredictor (powered by FlightCaster.com) lets you pin live tiles and keep up with flight delays, often before the airlines tell you. Predictions are based on learning techniques and historical data, as well as the status of the inbound flight.  Includes terminal maps of over 30 major US airports, so you can find the way to your connection!

 Flight Predictor Flight Predictor

  • Uses advanced machine learning techniques from FlightCaster to detect probably delayed flights hours before the airlines tell you!
  • Windows Live Tiles mean you'll always have the latest data at your fingertips.
  • Airport terminal maps for over 30 major US airports help you find your gate quickly.
  • Free trial mode

 Flight Predictor Flight Predictor

As the app uses data from Flight Caster, it's geared towards US domestic flights only, and is only available from the US Windows Phone Marketplace.

Source / Credit: Greg Stoll