AT&T officially confirm the $99 Nokia Luma 900 will debut April 8

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Following a huge amount of speculation, the US operator AT&T have confirmed that the Lumia 900 will go sale on April 8th, at a price of $99 on a two year contract (minimum $60 per month). It marks the debut of Nokia's flagship Lumia product and the return of Nokia to the high end smartphone market in the US.

From the press release:

Running on AT&T’s superfast 4G LTE network, the Lumia 900 delivers an unsurpassed mobile experience. With 4G LTE speeds, the people-first style of Windows Phone 7.5 and outstanding design lets customers access their emails, music and social media quickly and helps them look good while doing it.  The Lumia 900 will be available in unique and eye-catching cyan blue and a matte black on April 8, with a newly announced high-gloss white version on sale beginning April 22.

A launch price of $99.99 is a very competitive price for the US market, where the initial subsidy can have a huge effect on the prospects of a smartphone. It should help drive sales of the Lumia 900 against other Windows Phone devices, but is also a disruptive price point against other devices in its category. Essentially the Lumia 900 is a high end, flagship device, that is being price like a mid tier smartphone.

The associated contract, which will run for 24 months, will cost at least $60 a month (the minimum options are for a $40 voice plan, and mandatory $20 data plan). That gives a total cost of ownership of just over $1,500 plus tax - comparable to devices such as the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S2. The month to month pricing for US smartphone contracts does not vary as much as in some countries, which, together with human psychology, is why the up front cost is generally seen as the pricing benchmark.

There's no doubt that the low initial handset price marks the Lumia 900 as something special. Couple that with a larger than normal advertising campaign, from all the partners involved, and we're expecting everyone in America to shortly know that there is a new Windows Phone in town, even if they don't buy one.

Along with the expected Windows Phone functionality, the big selling points of the Lumia 900 are the 4G LTE capability of the device, promising faster access to the Internet while out and about, the 4.3 inch AMOLED screen, Carl Zeiss lens technology, and an 1830 mAh battery to power all of the technology in the stylish design.

Pre-orders are being accepted online ( and in AT&T stores from March 30th for either the black or cyan units. The white version will go on sale on April 22nd. We expect to have a Lumia 900 review for you early next month.

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Source / Credit: AT&T Press Release