Lumia 900 dock made of Lego

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Compared to other Windows Phone OEMs, Nokia has been doing a great job of creating accessories for its devices, but it hasn’t made a dock for the Lumia handsets yet. If you’re a budding Lego engineer, then you could follow Baris Eris’ example and build a D.I.Y. dock. His blog post describes how he built a dock for his Lumia 900, and integrated a Micro USB cable for charging and data connectivity. It’s an exacting process as he says there is a 1/10th of a millimetre tolerance to get everything lined up, and be able to engage or disengage the phone with one hand.

Baris writes;

I got my cyan Lumia 900 yesterday, and realized that there aren’t any docks available yet — so I built one myself using Lego. Similar concept I used with the Lego dock for Samsung Focus last year.

Lumia 900 Lego Dock

Below is the dock without the phone. Back wall is tuned very carefully. Because the phone needs to slide in from right, and has to align “perfectly” in order for smooth docking operation. I’d say tolerance is less than 1/10th of a millimeter. This will take some time but be patient and try to match what I have done exactly. Every layer has a purpose and allows phone to rest reliably and slide in perfectly. In addition, undock process has to work one-handed. For that reason, you would want to keep the top of the wall holding the cable end as low as possible. This allows for your thumb to push the phone out from left without having to hold the dock with your left hand.

Lumia 900 Lego Dock

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Source / Credit: Baris Elis