HMRC suggests apps for record keeping

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Anyone who runs a small business, including (ahem) freelance writers, knows what a chore it can be to keep accurate records for tax return purposes. Given that our smartphones have long since been ever present on our person, and are miniature computers, it only makes sense we should put that technology to use for more than playing Angry Birds! To that end, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC, the UK's tax authority), has started to recommend that small business owners start using smartphone apps to keep their records.


HMRC recommended three apps each for iOS and Android, but no mention of Symbian, which still has a massive user-base. The Windows Phone 7 recommendation was rather curious in that it linked to a Windows Phone 7 development company who do not list any sort of bookkeeping software on its website.

Windows Phone 7 devices are fairly well equipped out of the box though thanks to having (a limited version of) Excel, and OneNote. The latter is also available for some Symbian devices.

Our recommendation for bookkeeping tracking on Windows Phone goes to Reach for FreshBooks. It's a shame HMRC didn't consult with us first J

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Source / Credit: Simple record keeping applications for mobile devices [HMRC]