Will the HTC Titan 2's camera be enough?

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Paul Thurrott takes a look at the other LTE Windows Phone on AT&T, the HTC Titan 2, and he finds a model that is a clear improvement over the first HTC Titan, with the 4.7 inch Super LCD screen and the 16 megapixel camera helping the specs live up to the smartphone's moniker.

Of course the HTC Titan is getting dwarfed in the press from the second LTE handset, the Lumia 900:

In the Windows Phone world, obsessed as we are by Nokia at the moment, things are perhaps even worse for the company. And that’s too bad, because its latest Windows Phone handset, the Titan II, offers some compelling advantages over even the best Nokia devices despite a fairly generic design.

HTC Titan 2

Thurrott puts the big differentiator, the camera, through its paces, with direct comparisons to the Lumia 900 and the iPhone 4S, and the results are interesting - this camera might not be enough to sell the handset on its own.

Anyway, you can see the sample shots, conclusions, and the rest of the review here.

Source / Credit: Paul Thurrott (Supersite for Windows)