Some advice for moving Windows Phone apps to Windows 8

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Developers looking to port their Windows Phone applications over to Windows 8 might be interested in the ongoing series of articles from Jared Bienz on his blog. He's already covered the user interface, view states, and the application framework, with more on the way to help other developers making the jump.

Bienz has detailed the topics he is currently planning to cover.

  • User Interface – New and Different Controls, Porting UI, Form Factors.
  • View States using Visual State Manager – Sample for handling Portrait and Snapped views using VSM.
  • Application Framework – WinRT, Components, Asynchronous Code.
  • Missing or Different – APIs, Notification, Tile, Isolated Storage.
  • New Features – Timed Trial, In-App Purchase, Cloud Sync.
  • System Integration – System Dialogs, Settings Pane, Permissions, Contracts.
  • Localization – Supporting multiple languages.
  • Media and Games – Local Folders, Background Audio, DirectX + XAML.

Bienz points out that design is not his strong point, and the Metro team have far more advice on using Metro in development, so the concentration here is on coding and code frameworks.

Hat tip to Microsoft's UK Faculty Connection blog.

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Source / Credit: Jared Bienz