Windows Phone Bar Camp in London on May 19th

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WPUG is holding a Windows Phone Bar Camp (WPBarCamp) in London on May 19th, aimed at experienced Windows Phone developers. While a few presentations are being pre-arranged, the majority of the content (demos and short presentations) will come, BarCamp style, from the attendees themselves.

From WPUG:

This month, WPUG will be dropping its standard format and will instead be hosting a full day, bar camp style, event for experienced Windows Phone developers.

This is different from the dev camp events that Microsoft and Nokia have been running. Those events are focused on those who are new to the platform. This event is for those who have already released apps. That's why we're saying it's for "experienced" developers. 

What constitutes an "experienced Windows Phone developer"?

We think it's someone who has at least one app in the marketplace. Rather than spend the day learning how to get started. WPBarCamp is about sharing the experiences of those who have already released apps so they can go on to make more, better apps in the future.

We'd love all developers who have released apps and are keen to share their experiences to attend but spaces are limited so early registration is recommended.

Event details

The event, which is free to attend and will kick off at 9am and run until 4pm, is being held at the Vibe Bar in London (91 Brick Lane, E1 6QL). The nearest station is High Street Shoreditch, but Aldgate, and Whitechapel are also close by.

The full details of the event, including registration details, are available on the dedicated mini site.

What is WPUG?

The Windows Phone User Group (WPUG) was the first and is the longest running user group focused exclusively on designing and developing for Windows Phone. It exists to help those interested in developing for Windows Phone to learn from and with each other. The group has held monthly meetings in London every month since July 2010 and has spawned two offshoot groups in Cardiff and Manchester.


Source / Credit: WPBarCamp London