Nokia Lumia 710 is a "Brave and Solid" smartphone

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Silicon Republic have reviewed the Nokia Lumia 710 and are pretty happy with the handset. It is a mid-range device and that means some compromises have been made, but the review understands that, notes the touches Nokia have added to the 710, and is impressed with Windows Phone as an operating system.

You can only hope that the hard work Nokia is putting into its new generation of devices will pay off. This is because when you look at one of these phones and study the specs you'll realise how much technology Nokia is pushing into these elegant devices...

What I would like to see is Nokia break out beyond the safe options, however, and stamp its identity on the shape and form of future devices. I say this because I think the 710 is crammed with good technology (it even has an FM stereo) and is affordable because Nokia is taking no chances. It's a safe bet.

Nokia Lumia 710

The mid-range phone packs a lot of tech into the case, which Silicon Republic covers, but they're also hoping that Nokia's design mojo, which is starting to show through in the 710, will continue to be pushed in later devices. For now, the review can be found here.

Source / Credit: Silicon Republlic