Nextgen Reader hits big v3 update

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The popular Windows Phone 7 client for Google Reader, Nextgen Reader, has received a significant update for its third version. Most notably, more live tiles have been added: all items and starred items; settings for article counts and images on live tiles have been improved, and support for matching the phone theme. Article filters on top have been added, similar to how the email application handles unread and all messages. You can also choose to mark articles as read based on whether they are older than a day or a week - handy for filing RSS bankruptcy!

As always, you can install this application via our application directory.

Taken from a document published by Nextgen Reader's developers, here is a full list of updats:

  • Improved startup time and performance (optimized for Tango).
  • New subscriptions view.
  • Flat list design for sources – easier to navigate between feeds and folders. E.g. Move from a feed in one folder to another folder in just two steps.
  • Folder level navigation in collapsed view. That is folders -> list of feeds -> list of articles.
  • Collapse/expand folders from appbar menu.
  • Show all/updated sources from appbar menu.
  • Support for favicons (should also be enabled on Google Reader web).
  • Option to enable/disable favicons.
  • New storage design for better performance & efficiency.
  • New: post link option (sharing to Facebook, etc…).
  • New design for articles list with filters on top – “unread”, “all” similar to WP7 mail app.
  • Sync only unread articles when refresh button is pressed in unread tab.
  • Sync all articles when refresh button is pressed in all tab.
  • New mark all as read and sync options in articles list view:
    • Mark all items as read on google reader.
    • Mark items older than a day as read and sync.
    • Mark items older than a week as read and sync.
  • Pin and sync starred items from start screen.
  • Display only configured read later services in article view.
  • Play YouTube video link from article view.
  • Save to Readability (add account from settings).
  • Updated UI for settings: simplified categories and faster navigation.
  • Fixed syncing when sort articles by oldest first is enabled.
  • Fixed crashes when multi-tasking with large number of articles.
  • Fixed system tray/clock overriding Instapaper buttons at top.
  • Fixed title issues in articles list e.g. stream.
  • Read it later now known as Pocket.
  • Added message for Twitter authentication failures.
  • New tutorial at startup.
  • Many more change and bug fixes.

Live Tiles

  • Enhanced live tile system.
  • Select update mode per tile – unread count, unread count + article, display images on front + article, display images on back + article.
  • For example, you can pin “The Verge” feed with images on front and another feed with just “unread count + article” (check screenshot).
  • Pin “All Items” or “Starred” tiles to start screen.
  • New theme based metro tile for pinned feeds/folder.
  • Option to change main tile to theme based.
  • Updated live tile interval settings.

Nextgen Reader hits big v3 updateNextgen Reader hits big v3 updateNextgen Reader hits big v3 update

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Source / Credit: Nextgen Reader [SkyDrive]