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An official LinkedIn app is now available for Windows Phone, supplementing the functionality built into the platform's People hub. The app provides access to a large range of LinkedIn's features and functionality including connections (contacts), status updates, LinkedIn Today (curated news), groups, messaging (including invites), companies, and job listings.

The LinkedIn app's home panorama is divided between updated (status updates from your connections), a set of shortcut tiles, and a you page (listing your key profile information). The toolbar at the bottom of these pages gives quick access to screens for posting a status update and viewing / searching your connection (contacts) list.

Tapping on a status update from the home panorama opens up a details page, with the full update listed and, in some cases, additional options for replying, retweeting or favouriting an update. Tapping on a status update's profile icon or tapping on a name in the connection (search) list takes you to the profile panorama for that connection. This is divided into an overview (summary information), experience, education, recommendations, and skills, reflecting the typical contents of a LinkedIn profile.

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The aforementioned shortcut tiles gives access to a number of LinkedIn's secondary features including LinkedIn Today, Groups, Jobs, Inbox (messaging) and Companies.

LinkedIn Today is a service that collates and curates new into broad industry categories. From the app you can view the headlines and summary paragraph, view information about how a story is trending and see who has shared the story. You can also set which news categories show up in your headlines list.

Groups gives access to LinkedIn discussion areas, which are generally based around a single topic. From the app you can read posts, submit a new post, add a comment to an existing post and view your previous activity in the group.

Jobs provides access to job listings including a list of jobs that are recommended, based on the profile information that LinkedIn holds on you. Jobs listing are drawn from both LinkedIn and third party sites.

Inbox provides access to LinkedIn's messaging service, including the ability to send and accept new inviations (and thus extend your LinkedIn network of connections). The messaging service is also the way most communication takes place on Linked because it is freely available to all members (other information, including email adresses and phone numbers are only available for those paying for a premium subscription).

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The LinkedIn app closely follows the Windows Phone Metro UI, providing an easy to use and intuitive user experiences.  By providing access to nearly all of LinkedIn's core features it goes significantly beyond the functionality built into people hub (connection sync and status updates). It's a high quality app that is an essential download for anyone who regularly uses LinkedIn. 

Marketplace description:

Get on-the-go access to your professional network with LinkedIn for Windows Phone. Find and connect with more than 150M members worldwide, read the latest industry news, keep up-to-date with your groups, explore jobs you might be interested in, and share content with your network from anywhere.

The LinkedIn app can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace for free.

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