The Dark Knight Rises (on Nokia Lumia devices)

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The Dark Knight Rises, exclusive to Nokia's Lumia devices, is the official Windows Phone app  for the upcoming Batman film. As you would expect from an official film app it provides easy access to trailers, cast information, theatre locations and a count down to release day. Plus there's exclusive wallpaper and ringtones, which can be used to customise your phone.

The app has been well put together, inviting you to find out more about the film. It's interesting to see how well a brand experience can be combined with Metro UI elements to provide an immersive user experience. It's still Windows Phone, but at the same time it's also Batman. 

The Dark Knight Rises Nokia App ScreenshotThe Dark Knight Rises Nokia App Screenshot

However, the most intriguing element of the app is the built-in mini-game, "Claim Gotham City", which is built on top of Foursquare check-ins. Once you've logged-in, using a Foursquare ID, you choose to join "Team Batman" or "Team Bane" (the film's main antagonist). You can then check-in at nearby locations, claiming them for your team and gaining points, which unlocks additional exclusive content (ringtones, wallpapers etc.). 

There's also an element of group collaborative play. If a location you check-in at has already been claimed you can either attack it (if held by opposing team) or help defend it (if held by your team). To help you find such locations there are map, augmented reality and list views of nearby locations built into app, with icons indicating which team currently holds the location.

The Dark Knight Rises Nokia App ScreenshotThe Dark Knight Rises Nokia App Screenshot


Marketplace description:

Exclusive to Nokia, this is the official Windows Phone app for the new blockbuster film The Dark Knight Rises. Get exclusive TDKR content, including trailers, wallpapers and ringtones. Play the location-based challenge “Claim Gotham City”: choose a side – Batman or Bane – and check in using Foursquare at nearby locations to get points and unlock rewards. Find theatres near you and get directions to the show. Get info about the film, the cast and the social buzz on TDKR.

The Dark Knight Rises Nokia App can be downloaded from the Nokia Collection section of the Windows Phone Marketplace or by using the QR code on this page.