Nokia Transport updates en-route navigation and live tile support

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Nokia have updated the beta of their Windows Phone Transport application. Now at v2.1 (and available via the AAWP App Directory), you can call up detailed live timing information for public transport in over 100 cities, while estimated routes are now available for over 400 cities. New for this version is support for multiple live tile destinations, improvements in the search engine algorithm, and better information on routes as you travel.

Also new is integration with Bing search Local Scout (where available), making it easier to launch Nokia Transport from a Bing search result. The overall performance of the application has also been improved.

Nokia Transport ScreenshotNokia Transport Screenshot

Nokia Transport's value will come down to where you live and where you travel - currently Edinburgh is not one of the supported cities, but the AAWP team have tested out the app in anger around London and we like what is on offer. Nokia is expanding the cities covered by Nokia Transport all the time; the current list is available here.

The changes in v2.1 will give users more confidence while navigating through the extra information about the route you are travelling down (such as showing intermediate stations while travelling on an underground line). When you start on a new route you'll get a lot more information about nearby transport options and their upcoming departure times. And better searching and planning is always welcome!

Pick up your copy of the beta from the AAWP App Directory, or find it in via Nokia Beta Labs.

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory