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my kind of phone, the official blog of Windows Phone UK, has a post noting the availability of a promotional "Windows Phone Apps Magazine", which offers a guide to some of Windows Phone 80,000+ available apps. A digital copy of which can be viewed through the Windows Phone UK Facebook page (requires Flash) and is also embedded below. 

The magazine covers 160 apps, each of which gets a mini-review, ranging from favourites, such as Angry Birds, to hidden gems, like Tiltshiftgen. Also included, in the first few pages, is a quick start guide to Windows Phone, aimed at getting beginners up and running with the platform as quickly as possible.

Paper copies of the magazine will be distributed as a promotional tool at events and selected retail outlets.

From my kinda of phone:

Whether you're a Windows Phone veteran or you’ve literally just unboxed your new handset you’re going to want to personalise your phone. In addition to all the amazing in-built features on the Windows Phone, you can also start exploring and downloading the perfect selection of apps to make your phone your own.

There’s a lot of choice; from mobile gaming to productivity and shopping to offers – we have over 80,000 apps covering all the bases. Not sure where to start? That’s where our handy WP Apps Magazine comes in. You’ll find its glossy digital pages overflowing with the best apps and essential content for your Windows Phone.

Windows Phone Apps Magazine:

Source / Credit: my kind of phone