Annexation ports Russian Filler to Windows Phone

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Annexation is a version of the Russian strategy game Filler for Windows Phone. The aim of the game of to gain control (expand across) a playing area as fast as possible. You can play against another human player (pass phone turn-by-turn) or against a computer AI (multiple difficulty levels).

The game's playing area consists of randomly coloured polygons. Players start in diagonally opposite corners with a random color each and one polygon. On each turn they can choose one colour (unless it's already being used by an opponent) to expand. Any adjacent polygons of the chosen colour become part of the player's area, expanding the size of their original polygon. The aim of the game is to expand to as big an area as possible; with two players the game is won when one of them expands to 50% of the playing area.

Annexation's settings allow you to opt for squares or hexagons instead of polygons, set the number of colours and colour palette used, set the board size and configure the players. The game can be played with two, three, or four players and you can set each player to human or AI, and set the AI level (weak, strong, best).

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Annexation is a great five minute game - perfect for those odd moments in the day when you need a distraction - but don't want to get fully immersed in a game. The Windows Phone version has been well implemented, with the hall mark of good game play well preserved from the original title. A recommended download for fans of strategy games.

Marketplace description:

A turn-based strategy game. Based on the original idea by Dmitry Pashkov and his game Filler.

Annexation can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace for free.

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