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The GateGuru app offers a travel guide to more than 180 airports across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. The app provides airport maps; details of available services and amenities (e.g. restaurants and shops); information about security wait times; and access to real-time ratings, reviews, and tips for each airport. It's an ideal companion app for regular airline travellers.

What most appeals about GateGuru is the clean layout and immediate access to information. With a bit of effort it's possible to find almost all of the information GateGuru provides online, but the convenience of having everything in one place, in a standard format, should not be under estimated. It's most useful when travelling through an unfamiliar airport fo the first time, but even if you're familiar with the airport you'll benefit from a glance at the comprehensive information, especially the user submitted ratings and reviews.

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Each airport service or amenity gets a listing, with location information, a brief description, photos and user submitted ratings and reviews. The last of these is useful for finding the best place to eat or shop, especially useful in larger airports that may have multiple options. The quality of the coverage does vary; big international airports well catered for, but smaller regional airports sometimes lacking information. User reviews, ratings and tips are also more common in the US, reflecting the current make up of the app's user base. GateGuru say they cover 94 top US airports, 7 of the top 10 Europeans airports and 5 of the top 10 Asian airports. Coverage is expanding all the time, with plans already in place to cover an additional 50 airports over the next few months.

One thing that's important to note is that information is downloaded over the air, that means a data connection is required to use the app, which could be expensive if you are roaming away from your home network, a point worth considering for European travellers, but not a concern for the domestic US.

The GateGuru app also includes integration with the TripIt and KAYAK services, both of which enable you to easily book and/or track travel itinerary information (e.g. flight and hotel information). The integration means flights details for upcoming trips are available from within the GateGuru app. If that's sounds useful you might also consider downloading the dedicated TripIt and KAYAK apps for Windows Phone, or one of the third party alternatives.

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Marketplace description:

GateGuru is the leading day-of travel application that covers over 180 airports across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. We have created GateGuru to serve as a valuable resource from the minute you leave on your day of travel to the minute you arrive at your destination. The application allows you to view your Tripit and KAYAK itineraries, view / post airport security wait times and see a structured list of airport food, shops and services - including over 25,000 reviews and tips and 5,000 photos from fellow travelers on airports, terminals, and airport amenities!

GateGuru can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace for free.

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