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Brink is the latest third party Twitter client to be published to the Windows Phone Marketplace. It aims to provide a fast, highly customisable and responsive user interface for Twitter. It does this by moving away from the built in Metro styles, instead relying on its own layout, notification bar, transitions and backgrounds.

As the developer explains:

Brink doesn’t rely on the built-in styles of Metro. It doesn’t rely on existing Windows Phone Twitter libraries, and it doesn’t need other apps to ‘fill in the gaps’ for features.

Brink does away with the built in Windows Phone notifications too. Gone are the mis-matched blocks of colour at the top of your screen; Brink brings it’s own custom notification bar that is unobtrusive and blends with the sleek style of the app.

Even with it’s detailed, textured backgrounds, Brink when packaged weighs in at less than a megabyte. During the beta testing, a number of testers said that it was in fact the fastest Twitter client they had used. Brink eliminates the use of expensive page turn effects and progress bars, and instead, employs it’s own highly-performative custom animations, used in a way that ensures that app performance is never compromised.

Brink's approach won't please Metro purists, but the styling will still be familiar to Windows Phone users (chromeless, text based, use of pivots). The up side of using custom UI element (most notably trasnitions) is that the app is fast, something that should appeal to Twitter power users. The user interface keeps thing clear and simple, providing what the developer describes as "unobstructed access to your Twitter account". 

Power users will also appreciate the level of customisation available; from backgrounds, through custom fonts, to specifying what's shown on screen (avatars, source, etc.) and on the app bar (columns).

There's also built in integration with a number of third party services, thanks to Blinks extension system. There are currently four extensions available covering image upload to Flickr, link shortening, and linking saving with Instapaper and Pocket, with the developer promising additional extensions in future app updates.

Brink ScreenshotBrink Screenshot

Marketplace description:

Brink is the next cutting-edge Twitter client for Windows Phone. Brink takes the best parts of Twitter and combine them with a fast and responsive user interface that is uniquely customisable. And Brink doesn't compromise on features - an array of image hosting and URL shorteners; interchangeable backgrounds and fonts; a customisable timeline layout; threaded direct messages; a quick-post live tile - and much, much more, are all at the user's fingertips.

Brink can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace. The app costs £1.29 / €1.49 / $1.49.

More information on the thinking behind Brink's design and functionality can be found on the developer's (OMA Studios) blog.

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