Nokia Data Gathering comes to Windows Phone 7

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Nokia Data Gathering is a little-known project on the Nokia Developer website. It was created for organisations such as NGOs to create digital questionnaires to be deployed on mobile phones. This way, organisations can collect data on their phones, rather than printed sheets of paper. Previously, Nokia Data Gathering was produced as a Java ME application, but has now been released on Windows Phone 7.

Nokia Data Gathering

In addition to the mobile clients, Nokia Data Gathering also provides a server application to run on a PC, on which adminstrators will create the questionnaires and push them via the Internet to client devices. The server also hosts all the information received back from client devices, and allows the administrator to export and analyse the collected data.

Given that that this system is free to use, it makes it perfect for non-profits and NGOs to wirelessly collect data, and avoid the cost of labour for inputting electronic from paper forms. Also, because organisations set up their own server, they can be sure that they own and are in control of their own data.

According to Nokia Conversations, Nokia Data Gathering is known to be used by as many as 200 organisations. However, it was developed and first used in Brazil where the government had called for better monitoring of the spread of Dengue Fever, as shown in this video below.

You can find out more by visiting the Nokia Data Gathering Wiki.

Collecting field data the old-fashioned way – filling in paper forms, transporting them to a central location, and transcribing them – is slow and cumbersome. It delays the availability of information and can hamper the ability to make crucial decisions. Data collection with a mobile phone can dramatically improve the speed and quality of information obtained from the field. The more time-critical the need for data and the more remote the location, the more organizations canbenefit from a mobile phone based solution. 

Nokia Data Gathering is a comprehensive solution that allows organizations to collect rich field data using mobile phones instead of paper forms, PDAs or laptops. Because mobile phones can transmit data even from remote locations, the information collected can become available for analysis in near-real time. Here's a short presentation and anexecutive summary about Nokia Data Gathering. 

Source / Credit: Nokia Conversations