Facebook Open Graph doubles sharing rate

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One year ago, Facebook stated that its users were sharing four billion items per day. That was before it announced its Open Graph to facilitate, what Mark Zuckerberg described as, 'Frictionless Sharing'. In its first earnings call, Faceboook announced that the rate of sharing has increased exponentially to double this rate, via the Open Graph framework.

Facebook like sign

However, Facebook also acknowledged in the earnings call that the mobile space was an area in which it still had a lot of work to do. This is reflected in the Symbian world where Nokia has not provided a direct route to share web pages from the built-in browser. However, Nokia Social plus numerous Symbian clients do allow for easy photo sharing. Windows Phone 7 provides less friction thanks to its native support for Facebook for posting location check-ins, status updates, photos and links.

In the Android and iOS world, the official Facebook application has been decried, with most preferring to use the mobile website. If Facebook are to succeed in mobile, the user experience of the current application will need to be worked on, and kept up in feature parity across all platforms as Facebook introduces new verbs beside 'Like'.

Do you post links to Facebook from your smartphone? Which apps do you use and on which platforms?

Source / Credit: CNET News