AUPEO's offers personalised internet radio in 40+ countries

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An app fpr AUPEO, a personalised internet radio service, was published to the Marketplace earlier this month. AUPEO provides a similar service to Pandora, Rdio, Spotify, and Nokia's Mix Radio, but it is available in more than 40 countries and for all Windows Phone devices. 

To get things started, or anytime you feel like something different),you can listen to radio stations (streams) with a play-list based on an artist, genre or topic theme. The play-list can be further refined by specifying mood or style. Music is streamed by a data connection, which you can pause or play at any time.

As you listen to music you can skip tracks (limited to six skips per hour), but more importantly you can also tap "love" or "ban" buttons, indicating your opinion on the track you are listening too. When playing music there are also options to buy the music track your are listening to, and share the track title with friends via social media.

AUPEO! Radio ScreenshotAUPEO! Radio Screenshot

AUPEO uses the data collected from "the love" and "ban" buttons to build a personal profile of your listening tastes. This is used to build a radio station (stream) that is unique to you. AUPEO say this means that the "my radio" feature allows you to "hear only the music you really like while discovering new songs and artists".

The AUPEO Windows Phone app is free, with the music streams funded by advertising that is played between tracks. You can get ad-free streams and (outside the UK) unlimited skips by signing up for a premium account, which costs $5 a month of $50 per year. You also get greater control over your personal profile through the AUPEO website.

AUPEO has provided a couple of nice touches in the Windows Phone app. Radio station can be pinned to the Start Screen for fast and easy access to your favourite stations and there's a sleep time function, which is useful for those who like to fall asleep listening to music.

AUPEO! Radio ScreenshotAUPEO! Radio Screenshot

Personalised internet radio services like AUPEO are generally bound by strict licensing agreements, which can limit the geographic availability of a service. AUPEO currently comes under the international webcasting agreement covered by the IFPI, which means it is able to provide its service in more than 40 countries, allowing for availability in most markets in which Windows Phone is available.

Marketplace description:

With AUPEO! you'll hear all the newest music free on your Windows phone. Start your personal Internet Radio by selecting an artist, a genre or a musical topic - you can skip to the next song at any time and customize your experience with the "Love" and "Ban" buttons. This is how you hear only the music you really like while discovering new songs and artists.

AUPEO! Radio can be download from the Windows Phone Marketplace for free. 

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory