Track down mutant mice in Cat Lab!

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In the game Cat Lab! some felines have been experimenting with "uplifting" mice, but unfortunately they've escaped and now need hunting down. In this platformer puzzle game you guide a cat through a level while collecting mice. The aims of the game is to work out the best route to take to take by making jumps and avoiding obstacles.

As you work through the levels you'll see different environments and ever stranger mice mutations. Game graphics are subtle, but pleasing, and there's some amusing sounds effects and inter-level voice tracks. The game's controls are easy to master, such that any one should be able to pick up and play this games. Simply drop a cat on a platform to start a level, and tap (or double tap) on a cat to make it jump. 

Cat Lab

Cat Labs! has more than 70 levels, representing good value for money. The developer says additional levels, with "new mice and new environments" will be provided for free, through a series of future software updates. The early levels are easy, with a gentle learning curve and easy to follow in-game instructions, but as you progress the levels become more difficult, with additional game elements being introduced, adding to the complexity of game play.

Cat Lab

What stands out about Cat Lab! is its easy charm, gentle learning curve and family friendly nature. A recommended download for those who like platformer puzzle style games, ar any cat fan...

Marketplace description:

In Cat Lab!, well-meaning cats have been working hard to uplift their poor mice friends with the Power of Science. Mysteriously, the experiments have gone terribly wrong - and the mice have all escaped! Battle tricky environments that change as you play, puzzles that will make your head hurt, and mice that are starting to mutate in surprising ways. You'll need your wits to catch them all!

Cat Lab can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace; a free trial is available with the full game costing £0.79 / $0.99 / €0.99. The publisher describes this as introductory pricing so expect a price rise in due course.

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