Welcome Home aids Windows Phone Migration

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Mark/Space solutions is a company that creates synchronisation software for tablets and desktop computers. It announced on Friday that it has worked with Nokia to create the Welcome Home to Windows Phone – Nokia Lumia edition application.  The purpose of the application is to allow Android, iPhone, and Blackberry users quickly and easily switch to Nokia Lumia device.

As one might expect, the application transfers images and personal information, and even one's iTunes library. However, it goes beyond this and uses Quixey's search technology to look at the apps installed on one's old device and will either present the Windows Phone version or recommend a similar application.

As reported by Yahoo! News,

"Transitioning to a new phone or mobile device is something that should be as seamless and painless as possible for the user," said Brian Scott Toney, Mark/Space Director of Sales and Business Development. "No one wants to spend part of their day re-typing address book entries or fumbling around trying to get their photos off of their old device. We capture their workout playlist, vacation photos from their old phone, video they shot of their friends, even info and media from their computer, so that folks could complete their device set-up in minutes instead of hours."

Source / Credit: Yahoo! News