Xbox Live revives Galaga with Galaga Legions DX

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If you're expecting the classic arcade game with a few tiny tweaks, prepare to be disappointed. Galaga Legions DX uses the Galaga name, but it's a brand new game, with a different style of playing. And it's this week's Xbox Live release.

Using dual controls with movement on the left side of the touch-screen, with the right side of the screen controlling your 'satellite' which holds all the firepower and can fire it in any direction... it's not really Galaga.

But it is a pretty good stab at the shoot-em-up genre.

Galaga Legions DX

Perhaps releasing this with a week or two of Shoot 1-UP (reviewed here on AAWP) is a case of poor scheduling, because there will be comparisons. I'll go into more details during next week's review of this Namco Bandai title, but until then the trial is available so you can have a look at it yourself.

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory