adds support for SkyDrive

Published by at is a cloud service that interfaces with your Gmail and allows you to save attachments directly to your cloud storage accounts. already had support for Dropbox,, Google Drive, and has now added support for SkyDrive. With the Chrome extension for you can select files from your SkyDrive account and automatically have a hyperlink to that file placed in your email (rather than physically copying the file to Gmail). You can also upload a local file, from within the Gmail composer, to be uploaded to SkyDrive and hyperlinked to.

For all cloud storage accounts, the Chrome extension allows you to set rules to always save attachments. This enables to check your incoming email, and anything matching a certain criteria will be saved to a cloud storage location of your choosing.

The potential of this for Windows Phone users is that setting up an automatic download rule means that mission critical files coming in via your Gmail account will always be accessible on your device within the Microsoft Office and SkyDrive applications. This type of cloud-to-cloud functionality is something Microsoft should pay heed of, as being able to access one's own SkyDrive files is a feature missing from the recently launched

Source / Credit: Windows Team Blog