Skype releases Windows 8 style desktop beta

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From the department of loosely related topics - Skype has released a new beta version of its desktop client with a range of new features that point toward future integration with Microsoft services. The user interface has been updated with a flatter look, which reflects the desktop design changes seen in Windows 8. The most notable change for end users is the ability to merge Skype accounts with one's Microsoft ID (formally Live Messenger ID) and Facebook account.

The merging of multiple accounts is achieved by logging in to the third party account, and then the Skype beta client will ask for the user's Skype account details. This process must be repeated for both Messenger and Facebook accounts.

Once merged users can use Skype to send instant messages to contacts on all three networks. This has been possible for a while with Facebook chat. However, the same can now be done with Windows Messenger, plus users can log into Skype with any of the linked account credentials.

Unfortunately for mobile users, the addition of contacts from these networks do not synchronize over to mobile clients. 

The update includes a litany of other performance and bug fixes, and you can download it from here.

Source / Credit: Skype Blog