Channel 9 ready to help you port your WP7 apps to Windows 8

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There's rather a lot of Windows Phone apps out there (comfortably over 100,000), and while Microsoft hope that developers look at tweaking them for Windows Phone 8, there's also the close cousin that is Windows 8. Redmond's hoping there will be a lot of movement between the platforms, so to start this off they have a series of tutorials on porting Windows Phone 7 apps to Windows 8.

Channel 9

We will assume that you are a developer familiar with Silverlight for Windows Phone but wish to get up to speed on Windows 8 application development, and the challenges and solutions that may arise during your porting effort. We will be migrating the Khan Academy Windows Phone 7 app developed by Joel Martinez.

The original source code for the phone app is here. The finished Windows 8 solution is also available for download.

Over the five instructional videos, you'll be taken through the SDK tools, data storage, Windows 8 interfaces, custom styling, and getting the app into the Windows Store.

You can get started over on Channel 9.

Source / Credit: Channel 9 (Microsoft)