Take the big chair in Babel Rising 3D on Xbox Live

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Babel Rising 3D is this weeks Xbox live title, which is now available for download. In the game you take of the roll of a deity as you attempt to prevent the pitiful humans from building the tower of Babel. Over a 15 mission, single player campaign, you use your various powers (lightning bolts, earthquakes, floods, winds and so on), to thwart humanity in their quest to build to the sky.

The premise of Babel Rising 3D may cause a few raised eyebrows, and this is probably a game best not shared with impressionable children, but ultimately this God-sim a variant on the destroy-everything-in-your-path game genre. 


In the game you unleash your powers by various screen taps, gesture or multi-taps. However, your powers are limited, and require recharging, so the trick of the game is not to be too indiscriminate in your rampages.

The humans are aided by their own power ups, such as siege towers and priests, which help make the later levels more difficult to complete. These are offset by your own power-ups, purchased via the in-game virtual currency, and by leveling-up bringing extra powers to your destructive abilities.


Babel Rising originated as a 2D arcade game, which was released in 2009. This follow up, Babel Rising 3D, is available for a number of platforms (iOS, Androird, Blackberry, XBLA, PSN, PC, Mac). In the sequel the basic game premise stays the same, but the graphics are updated, there are new missions to complete, extra powers to use, and additional challeneges to overcome.

As with other cross platform titles the Windows Phone version of the game can feel under-powered and the graphics don't match what's available elsewhere, but you'll really only notice this if you do a direct comparison. Even so, we sure many gamers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Windows Phone 8, which should even the playing field in this respect.

Marketplace description:

Step into the sacred sandals of a great, almighty, and very angry deity. Hurl bolts of holy lightning, summon punishing earthquakes, and unleash vengeful floods upon the foolish and irreverent Humans to prevent them from building the tower of Babel.

Babel Rising 3D can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace. As with all Xbox Live titles a trial is available. The full game costs £2.29 / $2.99 / €2.99

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