Angry Birds Roost flies into Marketplace

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Angry Birds Roost, an exclusive app for Nokia Lumia devices, is now available to download. It offers quick access to the latest Angry Birds news, videos and downloadable content, making it a must have for any fans of the feathered heroes.

Rovio's Angry Birds is probably the biggest name in smartphone gaming, so this is a very high profile addition to Nokia exclusive app line up. It's not going to single handle closure of the app gap, but it is a step in the right direction, and underlines the effort Nokia is putting into building an attractive app portfolio for its Lumia devices.

The app is relatively simple, with the main ethos being to give easy access to Angry Birds related content. The app's main panorama has pages for games (download the Angry Birds games), videos (promotional trailers), news (links to Rovio's blog), downloads (ringtones and wllpapers), and Angry Cam (photo decoration).

The Nokia pages describing the game, talk about 600 videos and mention walk throughs and level tutotials, but at the the time of writing these were not available. Instead there two dozen or so promotional videos. However, the content appears to be loaded dynamically, so it's probably safe to assume additional content will be added in due course.

Angry Birds Roost ScreenshotAngry Birds Roost Screenshot

The downloads section gives you the opportunity to customise your device with Angry Birds content. Currently there are 12 ringtones and 13 wallpapers available, but the content should be refreshed and added to over time.

There's also an Angry Cam features, which lets you decorate ("sticker style") a photo of your choice with characters and objects from the Angry Birds game. The resulting images can be saved, and then shared to friends and family using Facebook, Twitter, MMS, or email. In addition there's also Start Screen integration, with information updates (e.g. new games release, new downloadable content) flagged up on the Live Tile. Nokia says this means "you'll be the first in the know" about Angry Birds happenings.

Angry Birds Roost ScreenshotAngry Birds Roost Screenshot

Angry Birds Roost may not offer quite the attraction of the games themselves, but it's a nice extra to keep fans of the series happy until the arrival of Angrys Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars,

Store description:

Want the latest news from the world’s most peeved avians? Get Angry Birds Roost, exclusively for your Nokia Lumia.

It’s the app that brings you updates, game previews and reviews, extra content like wallpapers and ringtones, plus walkthroughs and tutorial videos. With Angry Cam you can even take a photo, add your favourite Angry Birds characters to your shot and share the fun with Facebook, Twitter, MMS or email straight away.

Angry Birds Roost can be downloaded for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace (Windows Phone 7.5), or the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8). It is exclusive to Nokia's Lumia devices.

Source / Credit: Nokia