AT&T confirms pricing on the Lumia 920 for America

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$100 for the Lumia 920. That's the upfront cost of Nokia's flagship Windows Phone 8 handset on AT&T. Of course you still need to pay the monthy line rental for two years , but the in-store ticket price is going to guarantee a lot of attention switching towards the pureview enabled handset.

Pricing has also been announced for the Lumia 820 ($49.99 up front plus a two year contract), and the HTC Windows Phone 8X (8GB model at $99 plus contract, and 16GB for $199 plus contract).

Confirming speculation, the AT&T Lumia 920 will ship with a wireless charging plate while stocks last.

Nokia Lumia 920

Will the low price of the Lumia 920be enough to get Nokia to the top smartphone table in America? Time will tell but it's certainly an agressive price, perhaps driven in part by the exclusive arrangement with AT&T to sell the 920.

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