361 Degrees Podcast - "More tablets, but what (and who) for?"

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The 361 Degrees Podcast has returned for a fourth season. In the third episode of the new season, we talk about the tablet market, prompted by the recent arrival of several new entrants. And remember there's a 361 Live event being held in London this coming Friday, with a topic of the "Desktop Internet is Dead: Long Live Mobile Internet".

Episode description:

There you were waiting for someone to come and shake-up the tablet market and then an iPad Mini and a Microsoft Surface both come along at once... The team wonder what (and who) they're all for.

We also chat about Ewan's recent Android rejection, Rafe's enthusiasm for Windows Phone 8 (it's here at last) and EE's terrible launch (see http://lc.tl/eefail - h/t to @AndrewGrill).

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Updates on each episode (and bulletins between seasons), 'behind the scenes' news , comment round-ups and personal views from the team. 'Back Chat' also offers a way to respond directly to the team on the topics we discuss each week.

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