Parking Mania pulls up on Xbox Live with Nokia's help

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Making the jump from all those other smartphone platforms to Windows Phone this weekend was Parking Mania. Another Xbox Live release supported by Nokia for their Lumia range of handsets, can you drive the cars, picking up the bonus coins as you inch through the tight roads and packed car parks, as you make your way to the parking space?

Parking Mania

Three control systems are on offer to steer the car in conjunction with the onscreen accelerator and brake... either the accelerometer, a slider on the screen, or an on-screen steering wheel you can physically turn.

Parking Mania is a game about precision, style and skill, so it makes sense that Parking Mania offers three different, beautifully balanced control schemes to fit every player: you can steer by tilting your device, or with an on-screen steering wheel, or using a smooth slider bar. Experiment, find your comfort zone, and choose the control scheme you prefer!

Parking Mania

Parking Mania is an interesting mix of puzzle game and twitchy action game. It certainly has the frustration of a puzzle game, but it also hides nothing, leaving the answer to each level in front of you. It's all a question of keeping a steady hand to bring the car to rest and finish each level.

You can pick up the trial from the Windows Store, or via the AAWP App Directory.

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory