Words with Friends and Draw Something now available for Windows Phone

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Two of Facebook's biggest games, Draw Something and Words With Friends, have been released for all Windows Phone devices. Zynga's social titles are some of the most requested gaming titles on the mobile platform, especially Words With Friends, who's omission has become a bit of a stick to hit Windows Phone with. Well, that's another problem solved in the "apps needed" column.

Both of the titles look very similar in UI appearance to the Android and iOS applications, the Zynga style of doing things has over-ruled the Windows 8 Design Language that gives Windows Phone the distinctive look. That's going to be overlooked by a lot of people as they'll finally be able to take their games on the move with their Microsoft powered handsets.

Words With Friends feels a lot like multiplayer Scrabble, and joins a competitive environment on Windows Phone with a number of turn by turn word games already available. But the large user base of Zynga's title is likely to overpower Word Feud and Words by Post.

 Zynga on Windows Phone Zynga on Windows Phone

The Pictionary like Draw Something burned very brightly at the start of the year, with millions of players and a stellar valuation when it was purchased by Zynga. It's had a bit of a re-evaluation since then, but is still a popular game online.

 Zynga on Windows Phone Zynga on Windows Phone

You can get your copies of Words with Friends and Draw Something from the Windows Store right now for $2.99, although Nokia Lumia users have the option of a free download as well. We can only assume that Nokia are subsidising the titles to ensure their appearance on the platform.

Source / Credit: Official Windows Phone Blog