A cunning plan to get a Windows Phone 8 device for Christmas?

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Nicola wants a Windows Phone 8 device for Christmas. That's not an uncommon request right now. However, what is uncommon is that Nicola has created a rather impressive hint, in the form of a Windows Phone 8 themed table runner, in order to clue her other half into that desire.

Here's what Nicola says about the project (and her desire for a Windows Phone):

Have had sew much fun creating this table runner in the hopes that my OH will realise that I really need to change my old android phone and get with the times, so on my Christmas list this year is a brand spanking new Windows 8 phone!

You just can't beat Windows in my mind (having worked on it during my early years as a Personal Assistant at Apricot Computers Limited and then through all my university and programming years thereafter). I love windows, am comfortable with windows and will really be able to sink my teeth in some new apps that I want to write...

And yes this might be a cunning plan in more ways than one if it picks up enough attention. Either way the table runner shows of Windows Phone 8 3 sizes of Live Tile, the benefit of notifications and the way everyone's Start Screen is different. We also think the time on the clock is a nice touch, even if the weather forecast is a bit optimistic.

Got any Windows Phone themed creations of your own? Let us know in the comments.

Cunning plan

Source / Credit: Sunshine Reflections