Does Windows Phone need specific Voice & Data plans?

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Syamanth Sreejith puts forward an interesting argument this moring on selling Windows Phone 8. Primarily aimed at the US market, Sreejth wonders if Microsoft and its hardware partners need to work with the networks to provide Windows Phone specific monthly plans that can push Windows Phone smartphones as cheaper over two years, as well as the low subsidised prices.

Looking back at the historical price points of Windows Phone, Sreejth argues that the focus on price for Windows Phone devices can be extended into the two years of the contract, and not just on the ticket price for the initial purchase. And there's historical precedence from the days of the Blackberry.

What if, instead of re-employing the same tactics... carriers like AT&T... worked together with Microsoft and its manufacturer partners to make special price plans available for Windows Phone? What if OEMs and carriers changed the conversation from “get a Windows Phone and save money at point-of-sale” to “get a Windows Phone and save money over two years”?

It’s been done before, albeit in reverse form. Back in the days when I was slinging smartphones for Sprint, and BlackBerry devices were king of the smartphone heap, carriers charged very high rates for their accompanying data packages, ranging from an additional $30 to $60 per month. These add-ons were especially for BlackBerry devices, distinct from other smartphones, and were absolutely required for the devices to function.

Lumia 900 on AT&T

There are some practical issues with the ideas, mostly in hoping that the networks will reduce the monthly tariff while keeping the very generous subsidy intact, but I love ideas like that that think outside of the box and challenge the norm... much like Windows Phone itself challenges the expectations of a smartphone.

So today's interesting question. What bit of blue sky thinking have you done to help sell Windows Phone?

Source / Credit: I Train Phones