BT Broadband customers get a hot-spot discovery app

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UK customers of the BT broadband service have the ability to log on to a nationwide network of BT powered Wi-fi hot-spots. Finding them isn't always a straightforward matter, so BT have released a Windows Phone application that will not only find the nearest hot-spot, but log you in automatically when in range.

From the directory listing:

  • Internet access at 4.5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots.
  • Save on 3G data bills
  • Fast log in process
  • Mapping tool to find your nearest BT Wi-fi hotspot
  • Quick mapping speeds
  • Easy user interface

 BT Wifi BT Wifi

The biggest benefit is likely to be in the log in process. Normally you have a number of web based screens to step through, including entering username and password combinations. That takes time, and can be a frustrating experience with any mobile browser client, so hats off to BT for coming up with a solution.

The app is a free download from the Windows Store and the AAWP App Directory, as always.

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory